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Ingram Micro and IBM Receive Cheers at IMOne 2014

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imageI recently had the good fortune to attend Ingram Micro’s signature event, IMOne, in New Orleans. The event brought together nearly a thousand Ingram Micro customers, OEMs and Ingram Micro associates for a week of knowledge exchange, peer networking and community. And it was my first opportunity to unveil Ingram Micro Training ‘2.0’ and the IBM Authorized GTP announcement.

That morning, I thought about what makes New Orleans so special…you can imagine the list was long. But there was one little known fact that grabbed my attention. Up until 3 years ago, New Orleans had the longest bridge over water. The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, built in 1956, spans 23.83 miles and bisects the 630 square mile lake. I’m sure local officials invested a tremendous amount of money and resources to help their ‘customers’ reach the city and their jobs quickly and efficiently. They brought in the best talent and in the end, built a solution not a mere bridge.

It was clear to me that the bridge to efficiency and service delivery was a great metaphor to Ingram Micro’s investments in technology training. Investing in experienced training professionals and leading edge technology is exactly what Ingram Micro is doing to help its customers and their customers reach their goals. And partnering with IBM and offering the full portfolio of world class IBM courses validates that Ingram Micro Training is proving itself best of breed.

IBM cheers and swimming in the Shark Tank

The IMOne general session was held in the Smoothie King Auditorium to accommodate our large crowd. Ingram Micro executives shared their gratitude and vision for the imagecompany and when Greg Richey, Director of Professional and Training Services, announced that Ingram Micro Training is now an IBM Authorized Global Training Partner, the audience cheered.

Like most major events, invited keynote speakers are brought in to inspire and entertain. Robert Herjavec, the tech mogul and son of Croatian immigrants, did not disappoint. So here are a few pearls of wisdom I took away:

1. 1. Be laser focused on your goals and avoid distraction. In other words, quit chasing every shiny thing.

2. 2. If you’re really passionate about something, the money will follow.

1. 3. It’s actually much harder to manage money when you have it. When you don’t have money, you know exactly how to spend what little you have. In other words, have a clear strategy on how you spend your budget.

poExchanging wealth in a New Orleans neighborhood

O On the last night of IMOne, Ingram Micro shuttled attendees to various places in the Freret Neighborhood to help supporttheir revitalization efforts. Each bus, filled with associates, resellers and partners went to a unique location to carry out specific tasks. Our bus stopped at Evans Park. We had no idea what we were there to do; but it was visually clear that there was work to be done.

imageThe magic happened when the team lead pointed to some paint brushes, paint, gloves and plastic bags and then he left. Within moments, each of us took to a task and in two hours, we painted the concessions/restroom building, picked up all the trash in the park, weeded the garden and build a raised planter’s box. Wow.

I must confess, I’m not a painter but I did learn how to effectively ‘cut in’ by the time we were done. I also learned that there is a reason why we hire trained and certified professionals to do skilled jobs. :-)

The evening ended with a community block party and an opportunity to meet the neighbors. I won’t forget the event or the evening or how proud I am to be part of an organization that understands ‘not all currency is green.’

Join us today and become part of the Ingram Micro community. Your success starts here.

Ingram Micro will be supporting and exhibiting IBM Edge in Las Vegas on May 19-23. Come by and visit us – we look forward to meeting you!



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