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IBMs Global Training Partners and their focus on Mainframe: Lots of Offerings

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During the last days I worked on some deep dives around Mainframe and found a statistic which is interesting: Did you know that the IBM training Partners are active in driving new Mainframe Offerings into the Market? screenshotfrom2016-08-16082618

Since we moved to the new Education Sales and Delivery Model three years ago our Partners were able to develop additional and new materials to bridge the gap between what we develop and what they see is needed in the Market. The chart on the right is showing the number of Mainframe offerings of our Training Partners which they created in addition to our own offerings.

In the Mainframe area the numbers are now showing a clear trend: The GTPs were obviously not heavily investing into new ideas and offerings around Mainframe after the start of the program. Not surprising, launching the program in 2013 probably caused other areas that needed attention. The trend clearly changed. There is a visible increase that shows offerings are moving forward. It will be interesting to see how this evolves.

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