IBM VIP Rewards gives you more ways to earn points toward your next prize!

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With many of you already participating in the IBM Support Forums, we’re thrilled to share that you can now earn IBM VIP Rewards points by asking and answering questions for qualified products in the IBM Support Forums!

A brand-new way to earn rewards points

Follow these steps to start earning IBM VIP Rewards points by contributing to the IBM Support Forums:

  1. Go to the new IBM Support site
  2. Click Forums in the navigation bar
  3. Log in with your IBM ID

Animated image of the IBM Support navigation bar

There are three great ways to earn rewards points:

  • You can earn 50 rewards points for asking a question for a qualified product
  • You can earn 50 rewards points for answering a question for a qualified product (Hint: You don’t earn extra points for answering the same question more than once)
  • You can also earn 50 rewards points when someone answers your question for a qualified product, and you mark the answer as accepted because it helps you resolve your issue!

Look for questions that are tagged with “IBM VIP Rewards points available”.
IBM VIP Rewards points available

You don’t need to be an IBM VIP Rewards member to start earning points in the IBM Support Forums. You do need to become a member if you want to check on your rewards points balance or to redeem your rewards points for items in the merchandise catalog.

Don’t wait, head over to the IBM Support Forums and start contributing today!

The fun (and the rewards points) doesn’t stop here

Participating in the IBM Support Forums isn’t the only way to earn rewards points. Sign in to the IBM VIP Rewards Hub for more challenges you can take to up your balance. Here is just a small sample of challenges you can take:

A sample of challenges in IBM VIP Rewards

  • Looking at the IBM Support site
  • Checking out the IBM Support Guide
  • Starting an online chat with IBM Support
  • Learning about Digital Badges
  • Submitting a Request for Enhancement (RFE)
  • Trying out an IBM product
  • Telling us why you love working with IBM Support

Did you say prize?

IBM VIP Rewards members located in the United States of America have access to the merchandise catalog where they can exchange their points for rewards and gift cards.

Members outside the United States of America can still earn rewards, climb the leaderboards, and redeem them for other types of non-physical perks, such as time with a product specialist or an expert team consultation. We’re working hard to make the merchandise catalog available to members around the world.

A full list of rewards is available through the merchandise catalog, which can be accessed through the IBM VIP Rewards Hub for members with 1,000 rewards points or more.

Share the good news with friends!

Now that you know about the different ways to earn IBM VIP Rewards points, be a good friend and share the program with your network so they can join in on the fun, too!

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