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It was in the middle of 2013 when IBM moved to a Partner-led Training model. A lot of things have happened since then. At that time IBM covered around 60 countries with Education, and hardly had any Digital Learning Offering. Today, from working for six years with our five Global Training Providers (GTPs), the numbers look very different. Together with the Training Providers, IBM is covering more than 150 countries with classroom-, virtual- and digital training.  The quality is consistently high, and our Global Training Providers are still working together with us to improve the service for our clients. End of October we met for an Advisory Board, preparing for the next year and beyond and how we drive skills.

GTP Advisory Board

What is an Advisory Board? It brings our five Global Training Providers and IBM together in a room for 2 days. The purpose is to brainstorm together around how we can continue to lead in the industry to serve our clients better with skills. Even though everyone in the room is speaking regularly in smaller and larger calls we run this small conference to work on strategy. The power of having everybody together in a room to work on the larger has proven its power already in the past.

Advisory Board 2019

This year the meeting was looking at how to reach our clients everywhere and of course, all participants now have more than five years of experience with delivering IBM skills and therefore reaching our clients is key for everyone. One of the partners mentioned to me at the end of the first day: “I did attend another Advisory Board of another vendor some weeks ago and they only presented some charts in a boring meeting. The discussion and brainstorming that IBM is leading will really help our clients next year – and we’re together with IBM in driving the future of skills”.


Some highlights to mention

Digital Learning Subscription. IBM started the rollout at the end of last year of Digital Learning Subscriptions. In the startup phase, they were not available to be sold by our Global Training Providers. The already big success until now and the discussions showed huge additional potential. So, we decided that the latest early next year our Digital Learning Subscriptions will be available from our Global Training Providers, from all Resellers of IBM Products as well as from IBM to reach our clients where they are.

Certification and Badging. IBMs Badging strategy is leading the industry.  But we discussed we can drive this to the next level for the future. In 2020 we’ll start to transform our certification strategy into a role-based model. It will take a while to develop the new certifications. But later in 2020, the changes should become visible for everybody.


Everybody left the meeting with lots of concrete actions and a positive outlook. And everybody can look forward to seeing IBM continuing to lead in the Training & Skills area together with our Global Training Providers.

You will see me blogging early next year with a follow on to these actions. So, “Follow this blog” to keep up to date.

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