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IBM TechU 2021 virtual edition 25-28 October 2021

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IBM TechU 2021 virtual edition

25-28 October | Continue to learn. Reinvent yourself.

An improved digital format and experience for your training and continuous learning on the Hybrid Cloud and AI journey.

Engage and learn from IBM IT Infrastructure experts on IBM Power, IBM Storage, IBM Z, and IBM LinuxONE solutions.

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19 August 2021

Take the next step to develop your data science career

Florida Hacks with IBM Creating solutions to combat climate change Sept 13th – Nov 29th, 2021 Continue your data science career development. Join #FloridahackswithIBM grow your data science portfolio. Build a solution to help combat climate change with mentoring from climate specialists and Cloud & AI experts. You will get free access to IBM Cloud services, including […]

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25 June 2021

Skill Up for the Data Job you want

Data is critical for any business as it helps them make decisions based on trends, statistical numbers and facts. Due to this importance of data, data science as a multi-disciplinary field has developed at a very accelerated pace. It utilizes scientific approaches, frameworks, algorithms, and procedures to extract insight from a massive amount of data. […]

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25 April 2021

Using Education to Build skills for Social inclusion Globally: IBM at Coursera Conference 2021

Improving the job market prospects and quality of work for those disadvantaged needs to be a focus for government agencies, higher education institutions and industry partners alike. Concerted and focused efforts are needed to improve outreach, quality and relevance of education and training, and improve the pathways to the world of work. Given the heterogeneity […]

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