IBM Micro Learning: Access to THINK Hands-On Labs

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Micro Learning

Let me first speak about Micro Learning. Then about THINK. And then you’ll see how this gets combined starting today:

I already posted last week lots of details around all our offerings. One of the newest additions to our offerings are Micro Learnings. In short we’re speaking about 1h access to our products. In detail this means 1h access and a guide to help you to learn during this hour. It is a fast way to learn. You learn what you need. Or you just play around with the product. As you need it. More details and a video can be found in my blog from last week.


THINK is IBM’s business technology conference. If you have not been there yet, I highly recommend watching Ginni’s Opening Session. And then also have a look at other recordings.

THINK is about new products. And about networking and business. It is also IBMs biggest learning event. As attendee of THINK you have access to Learning Labs. The purpose is to get hands-on experience with our products. Try something you always wanted to try. Or just learn some new features of a product you already know.

THINK Labs available as part of our MicroLearnings

We now have good news for everybody who did not attend THINK. And also good news for everybody who could not use all labs he wanted to use:

The same labs are now available for you as part of our Micro Learnings. We started offering our Micro Learning some weeks ago with focus on some Cloud products. And since yesterday most labs from THINK are available on our Micro Learning website.

You can reach the web page directly through this link and use our THINK Micro Learnings.





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