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IBM Launches the IBM z/OS Mainframe Practitioner Professional Certificate on Coursera

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This Professional Certificate program delivers IBM Z hardware and z/OS foundational skills to learners interested in a career as a System Administrator, System Programmer, DBA, and Application Developer. The courses in this series include real hands-on labs (no simulations) to provide the learner with actual experience on an IBM Z system and are also eligible for an IBM Open Badge upon successful completion.
The certificate consists of three courses:
1. Introduction to Enterprise Computing with IBM Z (12 hours)
2. Getting Started with the IBM Mainframe with z/OS Commands and Panels (18 hours)
3. Basic System Programming on IBM Z (18 hours)
Topics covered when completing these three courses include:
– Introduction to IBM Z Hardware & Software
– Beginners z/OS System Programmer training (z/OSMF, TSO, ISPF, JES, JCL, UNIX System Services)
– Introductions to LinuxONE, z/VM, z/OS Security, CICS, IMS, z/VSE, z/TPF and DB2
The Coursera training environment provides an opportunity for self-paced learning, offering the flexibility to meet individual scheduling needs. 
Upon successful completion of the Professional Certificate the learners will be given a special invitation to join the IBM Talent Network where they can create a profile and be informed of job openings and learning opportunities that match their interest.
As an introductory offer, IBM and Coursera are offering one month free when students register for the Professional Certificate  via this link. 
To learn more, connect with:
Twitter : @ibmtraining
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