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IBM Digital Learning Subscription: Update

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What is a Digital Learning Subscription

IBM started last year to introduce the first Digital Learning Subscription. Of course, you can still buy a single Digital Learning. But the overall need for continuous learning and fast product changes making a subscription the right choice for lots of people. And aren’t we all used from other areas to no longer pay per product, but just subscribe and have always all needed new information available?

You can get all facts in 90 seconds around the Digital Learning Subscription of IBM in this video.

New Learning Subscription

So far we announced last year a subscription with all content around Hybrid Cloud. Since this quarter we extended our portfolio. We just announced our Analytics Digital Training Subscription. But this is not all. As you can read on the link we also moved forward to go beyond the single-user license for our subscriptions. So far one subscription was made for one user for one year. Starting now there is also an Enterprise Subscription: In this version of our Digital Learning Subscription multiple users can share one Subscription.


Cloud and Analytics are two key areas to increase your skills. But of course, there is more to learn. So, you can expect to see more topics coming out where we’ll bundle all you need to learn into one subscription. You can always contact us on

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