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Access IBM digital learning content for 12 months – all at one low price

Our customers are a mix of people – different learning style, different needs, different preferences for when & where they learn. It’s important that IBM meets our customers where they are, and we do: we understand the shift toward more digital training and material which students can consume as they wish from work, home or even a coffee shop.


We are introducing IBM’s Digital Learning Subscription; this helps students access digital learning course material for 12 months for an introductory price of $2,000 USD. It increases flexibility so they can explore different training activities & courses, complete education throughout the year, learn during a project deployment, refresh knowledge and see new material when it becomes available for one attractive price.

The world is constantly changing, learning new skills and being a life long learner is increasingly important – sometimes squeezing in training is challenging and we don’t always know when we will have 1/2 day free or pause in a project. Being able to use this time to maximum benefit is important, perhaps you don’t need a full course but want to refresh yourself on one module or a piece of micro learning when you are having a coffee between meetings. This is becoming an increasingly popular method of taking courses.

This offering is based initially on Cloud. The content includes different formats, ranging from shorter activities to complete self-paced courses and includes the ability to access Labs (subject – of course – to fair usage).

  • Includes new material as released
  • Brush up on skills
  • Learn new skills when a project demands
  • Select self-paced and/or IBM labs learning
  • Micro learning vs. full course modules

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