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The IBM Digital Badge Program is leading in IT Digital Credentials – have you read the news?!

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Have a look at what’s being said in the press about our Digital Badge Program!

Fox Business: IBM’s digital badges help keep skills fresh and up to date

David Leaser, Senior Program Executive, Innovation and Growth for IBM discussed with Fox Business how Baby Boomers stay relevant at work longer with the use of this technology.

This is what you need to know:

Educause: Convergence of Credentials: How Corporations and Colleges Are Teaming to Skill Up the Technology Workforce

Formed in 1998, Educause is a nonprofit association whose mission is “to advance higher education through the use of information technology. The articles discusses Open Badges in general and how IBM and Northeastern University are teaming up to create better college graduates.

Read the whole article here:

Financial Times: How older staff can build new skills features the IBM Digital Badge Program success story

This article is for subscribers only – it talks about how older employees can build skills and how employers can retrofit their workforces. The article features the IBM Digital Badge Program success story, including a testimonial from an IBM employee who is using the program to build the strategic skills IBM needs to win in the market.

US News: Colleges Offer Resume-Boosting Digital Badges

A growing number of colleges are offering the digital badges to show 21st century skills.
The article explains how digital badges are gaining traction in technology and how they are also spreading to health care and finance, where a college degree may not map directly into a new hire’s role. The article discusses the value of converging institutional/college credentials with industry credentials from an organization like IBM. The article specifically calls out the work Northeastern University is doing to map undergraduate courses directly to third-party badges.

Read the whole article here:

TD Magazine: Do you have a badge for that?

This article is for subscribers only – Writer/editor Alex Moore focuses his article on the digital credential programs of IBM and the California Water Environment Association (CWEA), highlighting the value, challenges and future for digital credentials.


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