IBM Cloud opens its entire role-based training catalog to subscribers

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IBM announces expanded access to IBM Cloud role-based training.  Now, for the same price, subscribers have access to training for all roles and proficiency levels in the IBM Center for Cloud Training role-based catalog, for the subscription period.

Role-based learning subscriptions provide access to learning paths that lead to IBM certifications for:

  • Cloud Architects
  • Cloud Developers
  • Site Reliability Engineers

The learning paths and certification exams are all digital. Training modules include videos, exercises and background reading materials recommended by IBM experts to prepare for certification exams.

Previously, IBM Cloud role-based learning subscriptions provided access to one role and one proficiency level only.

IBM Cloud role-based learning subscriptions can be ordered online from IBM Training or from your IBM Business Partner or Seller. Individual and enterprise subscriptions are available.


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IBM Cloud role-based training catalog

IBM Center for Cloud Training on IBM Training

IBM Center for Cloud Training expands role-based subscriptions to include all role-based curricula in a single subscription, IBM RFA 76668, March 16, 2021



Adriel Estrada

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