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IBM Channel

IBM Partnerworld is the one single place for all Partners who resell IBM products and Services. If you’re one of IBMs clients or an interested party and not part of IBM Channel please do not stop reading this blog. There is a key fact that I want to point out in this blog. And this is that I think not every IBM client, partner and future client know that IBMs Digital Learning Subscription can be bought via our partners. You do not know what IBMs Digital Learning Subscription is? Then please read the next section – otherwise, skip the next one and read the 3rd section around how to purchase.

IBM Digital Learning Subscription

I hope you already heard about IBMs Digital Learning Subscription. They are cost-efficient since you pay one price for a 12-month subscription and save up to 70% over purchasing individual courses. These subscriptions are ideal value add for your clients and can easily be positioned and sold alongside current consulting and education offerings. It is an easy way to get access to all digital learning from IBM with an easy subscription. Please have a look at my Blog around DLS. You find more details around the Cloud and Data/AI version on the links.

Next: How to purchase

There are now a lot of options to purchase the Digital Learning Subscription:

  • IBM Channel – ask your reselling Partner and they’ll help you
  • IBM Marketplace – if you want to use your credit card for an online purchase
  • Sales Reps at IBM- contact your IBM sales rep and they’ll help you
  • IBM Global Training Providers – if you’re dealing with one of IBMs Global Training Providers for training and skills then you can also approach the provider of your choice and buy from them

In summary, you can get access to the DLS wherever you buy your IBM Software and also directly on IBMs Marketplace.

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