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IBM Certification is for YOU!!

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imageA recent survey shows that people seek and promote technical certifications for several reasons. With the hundreds of certifications available, why is an IBM Certification valued globally? To answer this question we will look at this from two different perspectives: The professional and the IBM Business Partner.

People spend years preparing to enter the work force in their chosen profession. The two most common paths are earning a university degree/technical diploma or the just in time method training on a specific skill, along with on-the-job skill development and reliance on certification as a credential. It is important to gain relevant work experience prior to writing certification exams. While there is much debate about which path is best, the sweet spot for career flexibility and highest earning potential favors a university degree/technical diploma combined with ongoing work experience leading to timely certifications over the course of a career.

Professionals quickly learn that the IT field is ever changing and a degree lays a nice foundation, however to maintain current skills one needs to continually invest in learning. One of the reasons people seek to earn an IBM Certifications is because IBM is a technology leader. Professionals know that when they choose to regularly invest in IBM Certifications that they will improve their profession profile by staying current with technology. In doing so they increase their knowledge while they position themselves to work more efficiently and to complete complex tasks with more confidence. This in turn makes them more valuable to their employer and justifies a higher salary.

IBM Business Partners have much gain by having IBM Certified people on staff. When selling IBM products, business partners with higher skilled staff have a competitive edge in the marketplace. IBM Certified sellers and integrators understand the technology and can guide their customers in the best options to solve their business needs with less time and effort. The business partner commitment to having IBM certified staff results is one way of the ways they can earn preferred pricing on IBM products positively impacting profitability.

IBM has implemented a robust certification governance process that allows for continuous improvement of test quality and relevance. In addition, IBM is an industry leader with test security and firmly addresses non-independent test taking. These steps demonstrate that IBM takes certification seriously and proactively protects its certifications in the market.

For both the professional and the business partner, IBM Certifications continue be valued credentials. IBM Certification sets those who hold the certificate apart from their peers and their competitors as they follow IBMs lead to stay relevant in the marketplace.

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