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IBM and edX Launch First MicroBachelors Program®

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New cloud program delivers what learners and employers want: essential skills for entry-level full stack cloud developer role and industry-backed credentials that offer college credit

I am excited to announce that IBM is the first industry partner of edX who developed the first MicroBachelors program together with edX and available on the platform from edX. This is an exciting milestone for MicroBachelors programs of edX. IBM is building on its industry leadership and created and validated this MicroBachelor which is worth up to three college credits. The MicroBachelors® Program in Full Stack Cloud Application Development is specifically designed for learners with no prior programming or Cloud experience and sets them up for an entry-level role as a full stack developer. Full Stack Developer was rated among the top 15 tech jobs for 2020 for jobs with skills that are in most demand. This program truly meets learners where they are with the relevant, industry-back knowledge they need to realize their full potential.

“We’re delighted that IBM is our first corporate partner to offer a MicroBachelors program on edX. Not only is IBM a longtime partner in delivering online education that equips learners with real skills for the workplace, but they are innovating with us as we meet the needs of learners without a college degree with our MicroBachelors programs. This particular program is incredible because it’s for people with no prior programming or cloud experience, and prepares them for an entry-level role as a full stack developer with the option to get college credit from our university credit partner.” – Anant Agarwal, edX Founder and CEO

IBM is a founding member of the MicroBachelors Program Skills Advisory Council, a groundbreaking group of select foundations, corporations and academic institutions that work together to solve shared challenges around reskilling and upskilling in order to address the demands of the future workplace. Our work with this group helped to influence their decision to create this program in a field that is both in-demand, and in need of entry-level skills and talent.

Creating IBM learning content on edX is all about accessibility, affordability, and relevancy, and this latest initiative, the MicroBachelors program does just that. The adoption of cloud technologies is driving enterprises of all sizes to be more agile, innovative, and competitive, and this program will set up entry-level employees in this emerging field for career success.

The development of MicroBachelors programs is supported by American Student Assistance, Boeing, Lumina Foundation, the Truist Foundation, Walmart, the Jeremy M. and Joyce E. Wertheimer Foundation, and the Yidan Prize Foundation. Learn more about edX’s MicroBachelors programs.

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