How do you convince your boss to let you attend an IBM Technical Event?

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imageBy presenting a solid business case. Yes, in so many of our efforts in the work world, we must justify the costs. However it doesn’t need to be such a difficult task.

Here are a few of the great reasons for you to attend:

  • Get a wealth of knowledge, in a condensed period of time over a few days.
  • Test drive the latest technologies right onsite
  • Network with experts from IBM, solution providers and your colleagues
  • Upgrade your resume by certifying your skills easily at the event
  • Hear the latest news and innovations right from the source

So just how do you present your case to your boss? Take a look at our “Convince your Boss‘ email which can be a great starting point for the conversation. Then plug into the template the costs for the specific event you want to attend from our Technical Conference website plus your travel details. The benefits of attending are all included in the email already.. Then review with your boss to gain approval.

Convincing your management that participating in an IBM Systems Technical event is both cost effective and a great educational experience, was never this simple!

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