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Global Training Providers: Now selling DLS

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IBMs Digital Learning Subscription

In 2019, IBM started to provide its clients access to Digital Learning Subscriptions (DLS). You now no longer need to buy single digital training and you have access to learning whenever you want. Once you have access to the subscription, you have access to all you need for 12 months.  Initially, IBM’s Global Training Providers (GTPs) were not able to sell digital learning subscription but this has now changed.

Global Training Providers can NOW sell IBM’s Digital Learning Subscription!

IBM is using five Global Training Providers to reach a coverage of more than 150 countries with Training. With this blog, we are announcing that our GTPs are now able to sell our Digital Learning Subscription. This means there are now multiple routes to reach you wherever you are: Our five Global Training Providers, IBM’s Marketplace, our Sales Reps, and our Channel Partners.

Additional resources

You can find a short overview video here explaining DLS. It is available for IBM Cloud as well as IBM Analytics.

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