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Getting to Know Our Training Partners – Arrow

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IBM Training have teamed up with 7 Training Partners to provide and deliver training to our Clients and Business Partners across the world.  In this Blog series, we will be getting to know each of these partners over the coming months.

The next in this series is Arrow.

Arrow offers IBM-authorized and certified training both online and in the classroom, worldwide. Courses are supported with state-of-the-art labs, certified instructors and cover a wide range of existing and emerging technologies. 

As a recap for this series, we asked representatives from each of our partners to introduce themselves, tell us more about their company and answer a few questions:



Introduce yourself and tell the readers about your company.

Hello, my name is Thierry Desouche, I’m the EMEA Training Offering Manager for Arrow ECS .  Arrow has established close relationships with all major IT vendors–both on the Education and Distribution sides of the business.

With our broad country coverage, our commitment to quality, our innovative delivery methods and experienced instructors, we strive to provide the best learning experience to our clients, on the latest IT technologies.


Arrow Education’s authorized training helps create the bridge from a vision-to-value for our business partners and customers by creating the cloud and data center skills necessary to provide fully optimized IT solutions. We develop those skills for individuals and companies on both the partner and end customer level. Our range of solution support can be as basic as immediate product training through comprehensive, custom outsourced skills programs. Our courses are continuously updated to cover the latest products – both hardware and software. Arrow instructors bring real world project and IT solution deployment skills and experience to the delivery of our training.


Which industries, training areas, geographies does your company focus on?

With a presence in North America and +20 countries across Europe and an extensive network of partners, we are driving skills in the global IT market.

Our authorised vendor training courses cover a wide range of technology suppliers, supported by state of the art training facilities for a wide range of delivery methods

Our complete training offering cover all the IT journey from Methods, DevSecOps,  development, architecture, infrastructure (hard / soft(containers, Kubernetes)), networking, cybersecu, backup, restore, datacentres, cloud, multi clouds, process automation and AI

We are working with all industries who want to develop and modernize their business all around the world


How are you helping clients accelerate the deployment of their hybrid cloud and AI solutions?

Customers and Partners want to find the most fexible training solution. First, they want us to be able to ear and understand what they need, be able to qualify the needs and be able to offer the most effective solutions for one student up to large students groups. The challenge is to be able to build a suitable solution that supports the trainee over time.

This position is particularly important for our Customers and Partners to help them to accelerate the deployment of hybrid cloud and AI adoption. Our complete training offering help them to modernize their IT by having the most up to date training and expertise from allowing them to manage all components used in hybrid cloud and AI.


What makes you stand out?

We are one Arrow combining the strength of an education company to the power and reach of a Distributor of IT technologies. We combine Marketing and Sales activities thus multiplying the partners and the customer reach. In a rapidly changing IT environment where Cloud, Security, and IoT are on top of all companies’ agendas, Arrow takes a leading path with education, in the digital transformation journey we propose to partners and end users. Enablement and training are key elements to skill-up engineers and accelerate transformation.


Why choose Arrow for your training?

  • 20+ years of experience
  • Global coverage
  • 20,000 students per year 
  • 6000+ different courses
  • Innovative content, tailored to your needs
  • A combination of delivery methods
  • Your one stop shop for 20+ authorised vendor training and certifications
  •  97% satisfaction rate with highly qualified instructors.

Arrow Education is best known for our Blended Learning including the new online IT Challenges. The blended Learning approach is highly customized content and mixing delivery methods to optimize learner experience and maximize effectiveness. IT challenges bundles are online labs allowing the customers to test their skills to evaluate their level or at the end of the training to continue the training journey with labs to test their understanding of the product. This year, elearning offering in the ArrowSphere market place, to provide all the needed Training to IT Teams for multi clouds. Another element of our value proposition which is differentiating ourselves from the competition is we combine our experience of the markets and customers issues as a Distributor to the expertise of our instructors. They are highly skilled technical experts, with a wealth of real-life or project experience. They are rated with 95% satisfaction rate and we have maintained a high quality rate year over year.


Tell us about a recent training success

As a leading IBM Partner and Global Training Provider (GTP), Arrow has delivered to a major IT company a complete IBM training journey (cybersecurity, cloud, data analytics, AI, storage) to support and develop their IT teams. I think we can say each individual trained is a success !


How do you see yourself working with IBM moving forward?

We are working closely with IBM teams to develop and offer the best training journey to our common Customers and Partners. Arrow and IBM are working together to build the most efficient training allowing people to grow their skills and be able to drive their day to day business and to build the future of their business with a clear training roadmap showing them Arrow and IBM are their trust Partners for all their projects.


Lastly, About you:

What makes you smile?

I am happy every day for the confidence that our customers and partners bring in us and to build every day the training solutions that make our customers and partners grow. We have worked with them for many years and welcome new customers every day. Our end-to-end work in total agility with our customers allows us to provide the best training solutions on the market. This is only possible with our unique relationships with our networks of Expert Trainers, interacting with them every day and seeing our customers always satisfied makes us happy every day.


What one thing have you learned in the last 18 months?

Indeed Covid 19 impacted our Training Business – mostly with a shift of the delivery methods. Fortunately, all our training centers were equipped, since 3 years with the latest Virtual Delivery Technologies which allowed us to easily shift our face to face classes to virtual ones. Our instructors were already used to this delivery method which allowed us to maintain the quality level. We witnessed an acceleration and better acceptance of the Virtual Instructor Online Delivery in countries that were initially more traditional and were preferring face to face classroom. Customers are now asking for more blended learning, eLearning options – either as a subscription model or simply with individual modules. We helped customers ꢁfinding their way through the various offerings.


Thank you to Thierry and the team from Arrow for sharing their insights and perspectives and we look forward to sharing more from our partners in the coming months.

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