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My name is Darren Surch, COO of Interskill Learning, Americas. A proud mainframer for a quarter century, I have helped design and implement mainframe workforce training programs for Z mainframe organizations on every continent except Antarctica! (Penguins don’t make good COBOL Programmers apparently.)

And one more thing that’s just so seismic I have to shout it! IBM’s multi award winning Open Badge Program is the most important thing to hit Z mainframe workforce training in a decade! Do yourself a favor and read up on it!

Interskill Learning

Z Mainframe Training Online is our focus and our passion. We use the latest technologies to optimize the amount of training your Z Mainframe workforce completes annually and the ROI your organization receives on every training dollar spent.

We proudly work with IBM’s multi-award-winning IBM Open Badge Program. These important IBM Credentials for Z mainframe skills and knowledge are the new industry standards and have become a vital benchmarking component in every organization’s Z mainframe workforce training program.

Interskill Learning develops and delivers the global Z Mainframe Computing Industry’s only comprehensive curriculum of self-paced e-learning! Our learning designs are informed by contemporary learning theory and are interactive, contextualized and responsive to diverse learning styles. We believe in immersing learners in relevant authentic activities designed to motivate, engage, and produce quantifiable change.

We’ve just passed 1 Million Mainframers Trained which is quite an astounding achievement! Though the influence of IBM’s Z mainframe is all encompassing, the actual numbers of specialist personnel who run these amazing systems are relatively small! We’re proud of the impact we have had on generations of the Z mainframe industry’s workforce!


We understand that as well as you wanting to train and empower your Z mainframe computing workforce, you also want to do business with friendly, helpful, experienced people! Know that we’re here for you! The experienced Interskill team has been working with the world’s premier mainframe computing organizations for over 25 years! We unite that quarter century of proven best practice with technologically and educationally superior Z training products, and a ‘can-do’ attitude to insure your Z mainframe training program is the very best that it can be!

Important Links

Interskill Learning

IBM Open Badge Program

Destination Z article: “How the IBM Open Badge Program Is Transforming Mainframe Workforce Training.”

IBM Z Open Badges available via Interskill Online Courses:

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