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I recently conducted video interviews with each of our geography-focused Partner Relationship Managers (Geo PRMs): Ondrej Podebradsky (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Takeshi Yoshio (Japan, Asia & India) and Teresa Rojas (the Americas).

In the interview, I asked each of them to discuss the current economic climate and the general market for education, to talk about particular successes our Global Training Providers (GTPs) have had in their region, and to discuss opportunities looking forward.

The Geo PRMs and the Global PRMs (those assigned to each of the GTPs) are a perfect complement for one another. The Geo PRMs bring experience in each region across all GTPs to the PRMs who are deeply skilled on their specific GTP’s business.

Please reach out to the Geo PRMs for more information if they can help you identify, progress, or close an opportunity in their region.

You can watch the videos here


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