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Gain the in-demand skills and hands-on experience to get job-ready as a BI Analyst in less than 4 months

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You can quickly launch your career as BI Analyst and learn in-demand skills like SQL, Excel, and data management with the IBM Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst Professional Certificate on Coursera – no prior experience required.

Business Intelligence analysts transform raw data into meaningful insights that drive strategic decision-making within an organization. They also prepare market intelligence and financial reports. This program will not only help you start your career in BI, but also provide a strong foundation for future career development in other paths such as data analytics, data science, data engineering, supply chain, or healthcare.

This program will teach you about data collection, analysis, visualization, and reporting – honing your skills in developing data models and deriving invaluable insights for making informed decisions. You will analyze data from a variety of data sources such as relational databases and data warehouses.

You’ll also learn the latest tools used by business intelligence analysts including Tableau, IBM Cognos, Google Looker, and Excel. You’ll apply statistical analysis methods to visualize data, create interactive dashboards, and present data in a compelling manner.

Throughout this Professional Certificate, you will complete hands-on labs and projects to help you gain practical experience with topics including:

  • Gathering, cleaning, and analyzing data from various sources using spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel
  • Creating visualizations and dashboards using Tableau, Cognos Analytics, Google Looker Studio, and Excel
  • Analyzing sales performance and forecasting future sales based on historical data
  • Managing and querying databases by working with real word datasets
  • Using advanced SQL techniques like Joins, Cubes, Rollups, and Materialized Views
  • Designing and populating data warehouses and use IBM Cognos to construct an analytics dashboard
  • Developing Project BI Analysis presentation and documentation

Upon finishing the program, you‘ll have a portfolio of projects that can be used in interviews to demonstrate your BI skills. In addition, you will receive a Professional Certificate from IBM to showcase your expertise.

Enroll in the IBM Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst Professional Certificate on Coursera today to join the exciting field of business intelligence! For a limited time, your first month of learning is free!

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