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ExitCertified: Show what you know – and mean it – with Digital Badges

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Achievement. It’s a word that we can all relate to. Our achievements make us feel good about ourselves, and they open doors professionally to more potential and a brighter future.

For IT professionals, however, proving your achievements can be difficult. With the proliferation of jargon and acronyms, terminology that varies by industry and region and professional resume platforms that allow the display of accomplishments without proof, good candidates can go unnoticed for far too long.

That’s why industry leaders and technology vendors are now partnering with digital badge creators like Acclaim to provide standardized, verifiable digital badges for IT professionals.

Why should I get digital badges?

Unlike online job marketplaces and social media sites, digital badges cannot be self applied. That’s what makes them valuable when you apply for that promotion or a new job. To earn a badge, you must demonstrate proficiency—either through an exam or training.

This sounds like a certification. What’s the difference? 

Acclaim’s platform for credential verification isn’t your typical certification path. In many cases, you can find Acclaim badges for the technologies and practices that you already use every day. With a simple exam, you can gain a badge that demonstrates professional proficiency in a verifiable way.

For IT workers, these nano-credentials are great news. IT professionals are continuous learners who keep pace with a rapidly advancing industry. Now, as technology changes and new skills are acquired, IT workers can prove their adaptability and personal dedication to their fields. Additionally, for those who are pursuing continuing collegiate education or industry certification tracks, Acclaim partners with leading technology companies and training vendors to include badges with course completion.

Where can I use a digital badge?

Once you earn a digital badge, you can use it on your social media network, professional websites, resumes, business cards or anywhere you want to demonstrate your IT skills. Each badge links back to the shared vendor page that describes badging requirements. Your prospective employers or managers can use those links to familiarize themselves with the badge criteria and to understand the depth and breadth of your skillset.

Ready to get started?

You can find digital badge requirements on Acclaim’s website, or you can contact ExitCertified to see which courses qualify for Acclaim badges.
Tel US: 1.800.803.3948
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