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European Commission: Digital Learning Stakeholder Workshop

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European Commission Workshop with Stakeholders

Experts from all over Europe and from a wide range of domains related to digital education discussed the future of digital education and learning. They met  during the European Commission stakeholder workshop that took place on 3-4 March 2020 in Brussels. During the workshop, the stakeholders explored and identified opportunities how to scale up good practices in using digital technologies to support better teaching and learning in the digital age. Furthermore, they discussed the research needs related to the use of emerging digital technologies in education.

IBMs Participation

As IT company IBM was focussed for a long time on training its clients around IBM technology. But our focus changed already some years ago as our clients started to have more and more challenges in finding people with the right skills beyond IBMs technology. We’re now providing lots of basic IT education needed for everybody, independent on the vendor. And even free success skill training.

The other stakeholders appreciated the focus IBM has to contribute to skills in general. Furthermore, they liked that IBM is thinking of more than just getting IBMs IT knowledge into the market. I also realized that lots of people did not know that IBM is since years involved in discussions around skills for K-12 and higher education and to young professionals. So, the workshop was not only supporting the European Commission with lots of good knowledge and ideas. It also drove new ideas and discussions amongst all participants.

Next steps

Have a look at the presentations from the workshop. The European Commission websites is publishing in the future the decisions and ideas that came out of the workshop. I also recommend reading about lifelong learning and the courses we publish in this context on Coursera. And also our initiative around free skills.


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