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Engaging Today’s Modern Learner

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At IBM we work hard responding to today’s modern learners who want their learning personalized, engaging and just in time. Flexibility in how they learn, where they learn and when they learn has become increasingly important – learning from SMEs, co-workers or peers rather than traditional instructors only.

Learners want and expect their learning to be easy to find, informal, experiential and delivered in consumable modules. Today’s learners take more ownership of their skills – learning more than what they need now, also for the future.

IBM’s Digital Learning Platform (DLP) provides a framework to create many different types of digital learning experiences that address the needs of the modern learner. We’re deploying templates course developers can use to build microlearning, Massively Open Online Classes (MOOCs), blended learning as well as robust lab-based experiential learning for our clients, business partners and IBMers.

By using modern content types like simulations, interactive videos and a variety of assessment styles helps keep the learning experiences engaging, interesting and fun for even the most complex topics. We offer some gamification methods like “Level Up” to reward students for their experiences in both learning and sharing within a course. Student forums, group assignments and live sessions provide easy methods to learn from other students and subject matter experts. Branching scenarios, choice questions and lesson activities provide an adaptive learning environment where learners can get exactly what they need.

At IBM we’ve built a curricula and credential program for IBM’s Digital Learning Developers to support the development of dynamic, digital learning experiences and courses designed to help our partners and clients gain the valuable skills they need to do the job of today and get the job of tomorrow. You can set up your own learning dashboard on and get started with your IBM training to increase your skills and earn valuable credentials.

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