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Beyond containers and Kubernetes, organizations must orchestrate their production topology and ensure the management, security and governance of their applications.

IBM Cloud Paks are the first containerized business software solutions that enable customers to move key business applications open, accelerated and securely across any cloud. Each IBM Cloud Pak includes containerized IBM middleware and common software services for development and management, on a common integration layer

Six IBM Cloud Paks cover key Cloud journey workloads.

In order to get started with these IBM Cloud Paks, we offer the elearning modules below. The complete list via this link: elearning IBM Cloud Paks

1. Applications

IBM Cloud Pak ™ for Applications accelerates the generation of cloud native applications by leveraging integrated development tools and processes. It supports microservices functions and serverless computation. Customers can quickly build applications in any cloud while existing IBM middleware customers have the easiest access to modernization.

Course VW013 : This course is designed to explain how to move applications from a monolithic architecture to microservices, and develop cloud native applications with DevOps and modernization toolkits.

2. Data

IBM Cloud Pak ™ for Data unifies and simplifies the collection, organization and analysis of data. Businesses can turn data into actionable insights through an integrated architecture built for the cloud. IBM Cloud Pak for Data is extensible and can be easily customized with specific customer data and AI landscapes from a catalog of IBM, open source and third-party microservices and add-ons.

Course 6X236 : This learning offering will tell a holistic story of Cloud Pak for Data including collaboration across an organization, which is key in this platform. Applicable to all personas. Multiple use cases will provide understanding of how organizations can benefit from Cloud Pak for Data. A variety of features will also be explored, providing students with the insight on how to use the platform.

3. Integration

IBM Cloud Pak ™ for Integration supports the speed, flexibility, security, and scale required for all your integration and digital transformation initiatives. It comes with a set of pre-integrated features like API lifecycle management, application and data integration, messaging and events, high-speed transfer, and integration security.

Training resources for Cloud Pak for Integration :

4. Automatisation

IBM Cloud Pak ™ for Automation helps you deploy to the clouds of your choice wherever Kubernetes is supported, with low-code tools for business users and real-time performance visibility for business leaders . Customers can migrate their automation environments without changing applications or migrating data, and automate at scale without being tied to a vendor.

Course ZB318 : This course is designed to teach the skills that are needed to work with IBM Cloud Pak for Automation. Through a presentation and three hands-on lab exercises, you learn to deploy the IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) and IBM FileNet P8 Content Platform Engine products in containerized environments by using IBM Cloud Pak for Automation. You use Network File System (NFS), Db2, and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) as required by ODM and Content running in docker containers. You also learn some basic skills to manage, troubleshoot, and administer the installed containerized products that are deployed on the Red Hat OpenShift environment. In the lab exercises, you interact with the OpenShift cluster by using both the OpenShift Command-line interface (CLI) and the web console.

5. Multicloud Management

IBM Cloud Pak ™ for Multicloud Management provides constant visibility, automation and governance across a range of hybrid and multicloud management functions such as event, infrastructure, application, multicluster, edge and integration with existing tools and processes.

Course TOD80 : This course includes content that is read along with videos and interactive labs for self-paced learning. The course provides the user with essential skills to administer Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

6. Security

IBM Cloud Pak ™ for Security helps reveal hidden threats, make informed decisions about the risks they pose, and respond to them more quickly – all without moving data. Customers can integrate tools and connect workflows across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, using a security platform that runs anywhere.

IBM Security Learning Academy :

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