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Digital Learning Subscription: Cloud

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Why IBMs Digital Learning Subscription for Cloud

In the past the typical sales cycle in the IT industry was slow. People used a product and probably decided a year later to add another one. Today in times of cloud this is no longer true. The timelines have changed. And therefore also the way how training is available must change. This is the reason why we introduced a learning subscription already last year.

Until one year ago IBM digital training was available as any other product. This means you bought one SPVC (self-paced virtual training), or you went for a WBT (web-based training) where you do not need labs. And this worked well.

But what about a new colleague who needs every day all the knowledge that you acquired during the last years? What about you trying to upskill in general? What about the argument to your manager that a subscription costs a fraction of the old-fashioned pricing?

Buy Digital Learning Subscription together with product

IBMs Digital Learning Subscription exists for more than one year now. But as of September, we’re moving again forward with this offering. You can now buy the IBM Digital Learning Subscription for cloud directly together with your product. This means you just talk to your sales rep, and your product and the needed resources for skills are going together hand-in-hand. Neither you nor your colleagues have ever to worry again about how to get skills – neither for a new product release nor for an additional product you want to use.

Next steps and additional resources

All key details around the Digital Learning Subscription can be found in a short video. Another alternative for more information is a blog post from the initial launch. And you can also go directly to the IBM Marketplace.

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