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DevOps professionals are in high demand! Start Your Journey as a DevOps Engineer with an edX Professional Certificate! 

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The IBM DevOps and Software Engineering Professional Certificate on edX can help you launch your career with technical skills valued by IT employers. This self-paced certificate program of online courses, built for beginners, will equip you with the key DevOps concepts and technical know-how to build your Software Development skills and knowledge with DevOps practices, tools, and technologies. By the end of this program, you will be prepared for an entry-level role in Software Engineering with an organization of DevOps practitioners.  

You will develop skill sets in a variety of DevOps philosophies, fundamentals, and methodologies, including Agile Development, Scrum Methodology, Cloud Native Architecture, Behavior and Test-Driven Development (BDD and TDD), and Zero Downtime Deployments. The program also touches on data science, cloud computing, programming languages, machine learning, continuous delivery, IBM cloud, and agile software development for DevOps professionals.  

Labs and projects in this program are designed to equip you with job-ready, hands-on skills to help you launch a new career in an in-demand field. This software engineering professional certificate is suitable for those with no or some programming experience and those with or without college degrees. 

When you complete the 13 courses and projects in the IBM DevOps and Software Engineering Professional Certificate, you’ll have a portfolio that showcases your job readiness to potential employers.  

Launch your career today! 

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