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Demonstrate your technical eminence with professional certifications

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In my role as Architecture Guild Leader at the IBM Cloud Solution Center, I’m expected to have professional credentials. I hold certifications from VMware, IBM and other cloud providers. My most recent certifications are for IBM Site Reliability Engineer, IBM Cloud Solution Architect and IBM Cloud Paks.

Figure 1:  My recent IBM Cloud certifications

In my experience, certifications are very important. They build your credibility in your organization, help you grow as an individual and increase your confidence when you speak and while you work. They help you gain respect from co-workers and customers, because certifications demonstrate your technical knowledge.

IBM has three certification levels: Associate, Professional and Advanced.

  • Associate-level certifications demonstrate initial mastery.
  • Professional-level certifications prove you have deep technical and hands-on product knowledge; and you can design and build solutions effectively.
  • Advanced-level certifications are more difficult. They prove you can design complex architectures and solutions. For example, advanced-level certified Cloud Architects have deep knowledge on IBM Cloud, Red Hat OpenShift, VMware and other cloud platform services.

By pursuing multiple certification levels, you can gain vast technical knowledge, which can lead you to new opportunities.

I strongly recommend getting certified for in-demand jobs, such as Cloud Architect and Site Reliability Engineer. I also recommend certifications for IBM Cloud Pak products, so you’re ready to work on hybrid cloud projects. Certifications are a great way to advance your career or move into a leadership role.

If you’re ready to get started, check out the IBM Center for Cloud Training.

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