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Cyber threats for IBM training

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Cyber threats have increased in the last several months due to COVID-19 creating even a greater need for general knowledge of cybersecurity basics as well as cybersecurity professionals. Training in cybersecurity is not limited to just formal training courses but daily awareness of new and existing cyber threats. Resources available from are made available on a regular basis to keep your cybersecurity skills up to date.  Two of the many informative resources will help you understand threats affecting all industries now. The first resource will help you gain an awareness around ransomware which is one of the most common threats to affect organizations in the news today.  Take a look at the on demand webinar: “Ransomware 2020: Attack Trends Affecting Organizations Worldwide”.

The second resource gives a summary of the recent 2021 Threat Index report.  Every year IBM produces the report to help organizations understand the current landscape of cyber threats.  Read:  “2021 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index Reveals Peril From Linux Malware, Spoofed Brands and COVID-19 Targeting” and download the report today! Are you interested in developing basic Cybersecurity skills?  Get started today with the IBM Cybersecurity Fundamentals self-paced Professional Certificate on edX.  The first course in the program Cybersecurity Basics launched on February 18, 2021 with additional courses leading to the IBM Cybersecurity Professional Certificate launching in March 2021.  Learn the skills to start a career in cybersecurity or expand your current technical knowledge.

Get more involved with IBM Security:
The IBM Security User Community is made up of 10,000 cyber-security professionals dedicated to advancing individual growth, managing technology risk and protecting critical information and infrastructure, while using IBM Security Solutions to help meet those goals. Click here to join.

Top 3 reasons why you should join the IBM Security User Community today:
Learn: The indispensable site where users converge to solve, share, and do more with IBM Security Solutions. Network: Connecting our client’s, prospects, and the broader audience through authentic engagement, education, and “championing” of users and their work.
Share: Allow our members the ability to solve business problems today to support business outcomes of tomorrow.

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