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Coursera as platform for IBMs Blockhain courses and more

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You may wonder why I’m writing about Coursera and IBM. The real question is why IBM decided to make content available together with them.

IBM has a perfectly working Education Business Model. This model is based on Global Training Providers. And it has lots of success in quality, coverage and driven skills. The Training Providers are reaching our clients. They are also reaching our partners. The training providers are also reaching clients, who are using similar technologies as IBM. Their main audience are enterprises and individuals that are working as freelancers.

But what about students, individuals doing cross training and looking for new roles? What about people who are new to our technologies and are curious to learn? Unemployed people who want to learn? There is a big population out there that is learning and would never buy education from IBM or one of its providers or allies.


Coursera has more than 25M users. Furthermore, there are relationships with 149 universities. To understand their business model the best, is to have a look to their Web Pages.  A big focus is to drive skills with university content. You’ll see increased content from industry partners. Knowing that universities and industries are working closer together, this makes sense. NorthEastern even moved forward to team with IBM around acceptance of badges.

IBM Courses on Coursera

With IBM leading in new technologies like Blockchain, the question is how to reach a maximum of potential learners. And this is exactly why IBM partners with Coursera  (and of course there is a new course around Blockchain). They are bringing our technology to people who are working on their own to upskill themselves and university students. 10 years ago, this was not needed. The world was not connected in a way that this approach would have been possible. Now we need to use modern learning approaches to reach audiences that we could not reach back then.

The summary is straight forward: IBM is adopting their education routes to market to reach a maximum of people. We’re providing routes to market focused on our clients and partners. But now also routes focused on individuals and students.


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