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Conference 2017: Support & Education@TSW

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TSW (Technology Service World) is TSIAs (Technology Industry Services Associations) big conference. And it is runnng twice a year. We as IBM are participating in TSIA to exchange ideas and experiences with other vendors and partners since TSIA offers a great platform for discussion. Finally the discussions are really helping around current and future strategies. Furthermore with the Digital Transformation exchange accross the industry is key for everybody. I do not think any company can survive without this exchange. Seeing how you perform compared to others is helpful. Listening to others helps setting perspectives. This was my first participation and I am impressed and motivated. The content was really great in every single session. TSIA did a great job in the organization.

Conference Presentation

From IBM View we did run multiple sessions with Support as well as Education topics. You can have a look to the sessions on the conference schedule. Due to content being memeber only not everbody can access the presentations, but you’ll get an idea what this was about.

What did we learn from Education View?

Adopting to the Cloud and Digital Transformation was a big topic. Therefore our recent announcement of our new Digital Learning Subscription fits perfectly to the changing market. Furthermore you’ll see in the next weeks and months more of our new offerings coming out. We started to invest a lot of work into new Offerings earlier this year, and it seems our work now fits perfectly what the market needs.

Probably you know about IBMs Global Trainign Partners that are working with us on Sales and Delivery. We have this model in place since 2013 and it gives us a huge reach and coverage as well as high quality. While lots of companies are working with a more local partner model it seems the global model really positions us now in a special way long term: We have the global reach with our skill model already, and now adding more and more Digital Offerings will create a reach that should be strong in the time of Digitalization and Millenials as well as serving also all who are looking for non-Digital skills and who are not Millenials.

You’ll hear from me in this Blog once we’re moving forward with new Offerings during the next weeks.







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