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New Approach: Connecting training and credentials. Tell us what you think!

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During 2020, we have been working on creating a clear connect between training and digital credentials. In March we announced the availability of Cloud Learning Paths, providing learners with a job role path based on what is recommended to achieve an IBM certification. The new approach including the subway style map has been well received by our learners.

We are looking to iterate and continue improvements to your learning experience. Please take a few minutes to visit and select the “Tell us what you think” button located in the top of the pages.

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3 December 2020

Machine Learning is Blind

If I say sky, …the very next thing that comes to your mind is? don’t think…just say it… …blue, or maybe clouds. And if I say green, you’ll likely say grass. Although some of my students are quick to say cut! Let’s keep up the rigor: if I say AI what might you say?….don’t think….first […]

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19 November 2020

A case study from IBM: NPS

A case study from IBM: The Value of a NPS in Driving a Company’s Bottom Line There is a lot of research from within IBM and also from academic researchers on this subject. I observed that case studies, created by IBM researchers especially, are getting a lot of visibility. For example, articles like the following: […]

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24 August 2020

Name change: IBM Skills Gateway is now IBM Training

Continue to access the latest and most impactful training content at the same location Effective 25 August 2020, IBM Skills Gateway will be called IBM Training. There will be no change in our existing URL and you can continue to access impactful training content at the same location. The name change will make it easier […]

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