12 December 2016

Old but still up-to-date: Learning strategy— an investment in the future

When surfing the web another day I sumbled accross an old (old = dated from 2005) article from Jay Cross. He created at that time a paper around Learning Strategy, and I got reminded that I liked this article when it was fresh and new, and even in our times of lots of changes this […]

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6 December 2016

4 Secrets to Learning Anything, According to Neuroscience

Thinking of IBM Skills and overall IT Skills most people reading this Blog are spending time either finding the right training from a content or delivery method point of view, but I have never spoken to somebody who started a discussion around how to learn. And maybe this would be an important part. When I […]

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White Paper on the value of training

IBM has published a paper highlighting the value of training, a must read for all in the business of success.

IBM Training: Building skills for a smarter planet

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5 December 2016

Interesting items on the Web (December)

The Training & Skills team are voracious readers and we come across so much content on the web that would be of interest. We’re committed to making the most of your time – so we’ve chosen only the “best of the best” of the things we’ve seen this month, and present it here for your consideration. Why […]

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2 December 2016

Learning is personal…

In the past, people were trained to do their jobs once and this would last them for as long as they stayed in the same job.  Over time, as job roles morphed and new technologies were introduced, training became essential to keep people knowledgeable, skilled and up to date. Let’s fast forward to today, where people are constantly changing […]

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28 October 2016

Where to find IBM Training & Skills: Twitter, LinkedIn and more

Reading this blog you’re using Social Media to access Training and Skills from IBM. Are you aware that there is much more than our Blog? Key updates can be found on various Social Media Sources. A good overview can be found on Social Media Presence IBM training

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25 October 2016

5 reasons to learn mainframe programming

I stumbled today across an article from Christopher O’Malley which is summarizing what I see since a while: People are looking again to Mainframe Skills as something valuable. There were times at the beginning of the century, where everybody wanted to only jump on new programming languages, but it seems there is some thoughts around […]

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18 October 2016

Millenials + Gen X: Are Learning Differences between Generations A Myth?

Compared to differences between generations there are probably few questions in learning and development where people have expressed so many different opinions. Where does that leave learning and development professionals when it comes to figuring out what matters in designing workplace training? Linda Warren summarized in a good article the University Studies dealing with this […]

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4 October 2016

DeveloperWorks Premium: 12 months Bluemix subscription + more

IBM developerWorks Premium is a developer membership program that provides an all-access pass to powerful tools, resources, and support to enable you to rapidly prototype, develop, and deploy successful cloud projects. DeveloperWorks Premium members enjoy: 12-month Bluemix subscription 240 USD credits on Bluemix to develop apps with services including Watson, IoT, mobile, and many others […]

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27 January 2016

Learning is about the journey and not the destination

by Sonia Malik. Learning is a lifelong process, it is a self-directed and self-paced journey of discovery…not a forced march and “race” to a learning standard or data point. The purpose of learning is not to “arrive” at a particular level of proficiency “on time”. As long as we are alive, most people are continually […]

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7 December 2015

Innovating learning today for your success tomorrow

Our business landscape today moves at the speed of technology. We live in exponential times and the pace of change is accelerating every single day. To keep up with this change requires constant adaptation which in turn requires radical transformation. It requires us to be innovative with not only our products and the business model […]

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