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29 September 2016

Business Development needs time: Countries covered around Mainframe Skills by our GTPs

It is now three years that we moved to our new model around Training and Skills. There were lots of questions how fast we can achieve our target of increased coverage, high quality, and significant increase of skills. I was recently in a discussion with a Partner around the complexity of moving localized grey-market offerings […]

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22 September 2016

Millennials prefer face-to-face contact when it comes to acquiring new work-related knowledge and skills

I’m currently trying to collect facts around IBMs position in developing the IBM Training and Skills offerings, and stumbled across an interesting study from IBM around Millennials. There are lots of interesting facts in the study, but the most interesting one for me is around how Millennials want to learn:“No question about it, Millennials are […]

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20 September 2016

IBMs Global Training Partners and their focus on Mainframe: Lots of Offerings

During the last days I worked on some deep dives around Mainframe and found a statistic which is interesting: Did you know that the IBM training Partners are active in driving new Mainframe Offerings into the Market? Since we moved to the new Education Sales and Delivery Model three years ago our Partners were able […]

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5 August 2016

New zSystems Learning Journey Now Available!

Learning Journeys are designed to easily navigate and recommend training to our clients. Released this month is the IBM z Systems Learning Journey. From new hires to advance solutions, the z Systems Learning Journeys help lead students to the courses they need. Categories include z/OS, LinuxONE, z/VM, Sysplex, Security, and Networking.  No matter what your […]

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1 June 2016

IBM Training wins awards for outsourcing and innovations in content development

By David Leaser With a massive arsenal of programs which includes a magazine, annual conference and awards programs, Training Industry, Inc. has become an essential go-to partner for training professionals to understand the latest news, articles, case studies and best practices within the training industry. At the recent Training Industry Conference and Expo (TICE) in […]

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25 April 2016

New IBM Training and Skills website has launched!

Targeted and successful learning and skills development continues to be a tremendous business need. In a world of constantly changing technology, it’s imperative to accommodate many learning behaviors, learning styles and introduce innovative content types to provide options for learning. The new IBM Training and Skills site is designed to adopt to these changing demands. […]

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11 April 2016

Take a Sneak Peek of the New Training and Skills Website

Coming soon!! The new IBM Training and Skills site is going through a significant transformation. Take a “Sneak Peek” to see the improved user interface, curated learning content, training events, badge information, and more. The site includes new “learning journeys” which provide collections of curated learning content for specific job roles and tasks. These journeys […]

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