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27 January 2016

IBM Certification is for YOU!!

A recent survey shows that people seek and promote technical certifications for several reasons. With the hundreds of certifications available, why is an IBM Certification valued globally? To answer this question we will look at this from two different perspectives: The professional and the IBM Business Partner. People spend years preparing to enter the work […]

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9 December 2015

Re: Open Badges: How IBM is leading innovation to transform the IT nanocredential field

In response to: Open Badges: How IBM is leading innovation to transform the IT nanocredential field Great post David – and GREAT Work at the event … Thank you for sharing!

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White Paper on the value of training

IBM has published a paper highlighting the value of training, a must read for all in the business of success.

IBM Training: Building skills for a smarter planet

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2 November 2015

Open Badges: How IBM is leading innovation to transform the IT nanocredential field

By David Leaser Training Journalpublished an article about Open Badges as part of a report from DevLearn 2015 ‘Innovation in the making,’ where we introduced the IBM Open Badge Program. The article, “Open Badges – a new way to recognise expertise,” highlights what the author believed were the important sessions of the show: The keynote […]

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24 September 2015

Eight ways Open Badges can provide real value in business

By David Leaser By now, you may have learned about Open Badges, the emerging trend in the credential space. (If not, please click here). While the benefits to the badge earner are obvious (the ability to broadcast skills, build trust and a personal brand in social media), the benefits to your organization may not be […]

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24 August 2015

Go Live of the Certification “Test Development Process Workflow and Guidance Tool””

The IBM Certification program is moving forward with a new certification test development standard. IBM launched the “Test Development Process Workflow and Guidance Tool” this month with the express purpose of bringing our different business units into one standardized test development format. This test development standard will provide IBM’s client base a certification portfolio where […]

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18 June 2015

51K Job Openings and Counting – Big Data Engineers are in Demand – Do you have what it takes?

A quick search for job openings on LinkedIn leads to 51,000 opportunities for those who can fill the role of aData Engineer. Most of these jobs are focused on the insatiable demand for Big Data applications that lead to business insights. Unfortunately, until recently there’s been no way for a potential employer to assess a […]

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20 May 2015

Open Badges: A better way to track skills and accomplishments

By David Leaser According to Harvard Business Review, the triumph of the online educational revolution will depend not on course content, quality or participation but on the ability to measure and assess real learning and skills acquisition in virtual environments. No easy task, considering a person may have developed knowledge and skills from a number […]

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6 February 2015

Get to know the new Social Business Certification

IBM is developing a new Certified Solution Advisor Certification program to provide consultants and technical sales professionals with the ability to clearly explain the benefits and underlying concepts of IBM’s solutions. But more than that, a Certified Solution Advisor can also demonstrate how IBM’s offerings help customers realize these benefits in a short amount of […]

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6 February 2015

IBM announces the first Social Business Certification

IBM has just released the first Social Business Certification, important as IBM clients develop their social business strategies. The IBM Certified Solution Advisor is ideal for consultants, technical sales professionals and IBM clients who would like to establish and promote their standing as trusted advisors in the social business industry. This certification develops advisors who […]

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21 January 2014

The Art of Passing Certification Tests

By Marcel Ribas, Instructor and Brand Advocate at Avnet Academy Have you ever taken a Professional Certification Test? I have taken quite a few, some generic ones and many Microsoft and IBM tests. My impression is that they all look the same, and regardless of the technology, they have many things in common. I took […]

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25 November 2013

Validate your expertise with IBM Professional Certification

IBM Professional Certification is a powerful, objective credential that validates your expertise in IBM products, solutions and technologies. In today’s competitive job market, earning your certification helps you stand out from other IT professionals. Certified IT professionals report high job satisfaction According to a 2013 survey from Prometric and Edge Research(1), 86 percent of certified […]

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