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Boost your IT skillset with IBM’s Guided Projects built in partnership with edX

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Are you looking for a quick (and free!) way to boost your skillset in the IT arena? In under an hour, you can acquire specialized experience with hands-on projects to help enhance your portfolio.

Guided projects allow you to learn new skills and technologies and work on real-world inspired scenarios in a virtual, hands-on environment. You will have the ability to run commands inside just as you would outside the learning environment.

Guided Projects from IBM on edX are short hands-on courses that can be completed in under 1-hour with flexible learning that fit your schedule and are completely online. IBM will help you build the foundation of your IT skills with immediate experience so you can enter the competitive job market as an IT professional.

Check out IBM’s Guided Projects on edX:

Programming and Application Development Projects:

Data Science, Data Engineering, & Database Projects:

Containers and Cloud Computing Projects:


Visit today, complete an IBM Guided Project, and receive a 20% off coupon for any IBM course product!

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