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By Terri Puckett on 30 November 2023

We’re moving on up! Security Learning Academy migration to IBM Training December 15, 2023

To provide a single platform, website, and learning experience for all IBM products, Security Learning Academy (SLA) courses will migrate to IBM Training and the SLA will sunset on December 15, 2023. Your course completion records will migrate. Earned IBM Credential records (certifications and badges) will also migrate to IBM Training. These credentials are issued […]

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By Terri Puckett on 19 January 2023

IBM Certified Deployment Professional – Security QRadar SIEM V7.4.3

IBM Security® QRadar® SIEM is an enterprise security information and event management solution to help identify and prevent serious threats and vulnerabilities from disrupting business operations. A QRadar Deployment specialist plans and installs QRadar SIEM and performs the initial configuration that allows an organization to begin using it. In this course, students will learn the various activities […]

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By Terri Puckett on 13 October 2022

Malware Analysis and Introduction to Assembly Language

Malicious software, or malware, is typically delivered over a network and is designed to cause disruption to a computer, client, server, or network. Disruptions can include leaked private information, unauthorized access to information or systems, blocked user access, interference with security and privacy, or numerous other variations of attacking systems. Malware analysis dissects malware to […]

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By Terri Puckett on 17 May 2022

New Introduction to the Threat Intelligence Lifecycle course and badge

Today, we are faced with the increasing challenges of dealing with more aggressive and persistent threat actors, while being inundated with information, which is full of misinformation and false flags across multiple, unconnected systems. With information coming from such a wide variety of sources, how do you tell what is reliable and actionable, and what […]

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