1 October 2015

Innovation in the Making

Innovation exists at the intersection of invention and value, but innovation doesn’t happen on its own. You have to make it happen by taking advantage of today’s cutting-edge technologies,partnerships,and new programs. IBM attended#DevLearn in Las Vegas this week to participate in the collaboration around the future of learning and to present the great innovations around […]

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17 April 2015

Now is the time to update your skills – Drive performance and turn less into more.

Now leverage the training offered by IBM through our IBM Global Training Providers to drive more results. Sometimes less really is more, especially when looking at Training. None of us has the time anymore to do weeks and weeks of training and it is easy to convince ourselves that we will get by with the […]

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16 April 2015

IBM Training and the truth about the Millennial Generation

Training and skills acquisition has changed so has IBM Training. IBM Training is now delivered by IBM Global Training Providers. In this blog entry we talk about learning styles, dispense some myths about the difference between the generations in your organization and how clients can access the latest skills on IBM Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social […]

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16 February 2015

IBM PartnerWorld Voices Interview with IBM Global Training Provider LearnQuest

LearnQuest won the 2015 IBM Training Innovation in Learning Effectiveness award at IBM Partner World 2015 – see the interview with @MarkRegister from #IBM and Dimitri Schneiberg and Sebastian Ilke from @LearnQuest explaining who LearnQuest is and how they team with the IBM Partner Network To find out more, please join the conversation on our […]

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12 February 2015

IBM PartnerWorld Voices Interview with IBM Global Training Provider Global Knowledge

#IBMPWLC Interview with @MarkRegister from #IBM and Eric Strause from @GlobalKnowledge

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9 February 2015

IBM Choice Awards Live From Las Vegas

Reporting to you from Las Vegas where the majority of IBM Business Partners are gathering for the IBM Partnerworld Leadership Conference. At the conference, we focus on how together we deliver value to our clients using key enabling technologies like Cloud, Big Data & Analytics, Mobile Enterprise, Social Business, Security and Watson as a competitive […]

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3 February 2015

Calling All IBM Business Partners – Do you want Access ?

IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference 2015 – Meet with the IBM Global Training Providers The PartnerWorld Leadership Conference is the event designed specifically for IBM Business Partners around our mutual strategy and go to market plans. At the conference, we’ll focus on how together we deliver value to our clients using key enabling technologies like Cloud, […]

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31 January 2015

Want the inside track on Super Bowl XLIX ? – Get it here

Ok so here is where I start by stating I am British and so I am forced to refer to this as American football (rather than regular football), that said this Sunday millions of Americans will be transfixed on the game, like any sport today the players coaches and of course the fans will use […]

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24 July 2014

Tom Rosamilia talks with Bob McDonald about Client Success with IBM Training

New IBM Training Interview with IBM Executive We are One Year In – to the IBM Training Transformation where IBM is Partnering with FIVE IBM Global Training Providers – to deliver technical training to IBM CLIENTS and IBM BUSINESS PARTNERS. ONLY IBM Global Training Providers (Arrow / Avnet / Global Knowledge / Ingram Micro and […]

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8 July 2014

It’s not just about Skills – it’s about effectiveness

IBM Training is innovating ways Clients use IBM Solutions Summary One year ago this month IBM Launched a new technical training model in partnership with our IBM Global Training Providers. Over the past 12 months we have expanded the reach of IBM Training to more than 70 countries, covering nearly 250 cities across the globe. […]

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10 June 2014

Building Skills – Best practices from leading organizations

Build skills internally To meet the challenges, leaders must look within their organizations to improve employee engagement, unlock lost productivity and develop the skills of their existing base. They must also evaluate the best methods to build skills and create an environment where intellectual capital is easily shared and diffused through the organization and they […]

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28 May 2014

Technology is impacting job roles and driving demand for new roles and skills.

Market Drivers Technology is changing everything: The “four pillars” of the 3rd Platform – mobile, cloud, social, and Big Data – are impacting current job roles and driving demand for new roles and skills. · Mobility is an important driver of enterprise innovation, requiring broader technical skill sets to support users in their day-to-day work […]

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19 May 2014

Skills and The Dynamics of the Modern Workforce

Skills and The Dynamics of the Modern Workforce The dynamics of the modern workforce are making it difficult for companies to find and keep talented workers. Here are some startling statistics: A full 90% of organizations do not have all the skills they need to be successful. (i) More than 65% of global leaders cite […]

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12 May 2014

Building skills for a smarter workforce

It pays to work smarter not harder. According to a study by the IBM Institute for Business Value, organizations that are significantly outperforming their industry peers also happen to be making more headway on newer approaches to work. They are using dynamic, collaborative and connected ways of working to get things done effectively within a […]

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6 May 2014

The ROI of Training within your Organization

Continuing the serialization of the IBM Training Paper on the Value of Training we focus this week on the ROI of Training within your Organization, looking at the evidence that best performing companies invest in training and correlating the relationship between the investment in training, project success and meeting stakeholder objectives. We then call out […]

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28 April 2014

The Value of Training

Companies today need to drive performance from every aspect of their IT investments. Find out how skills drive performance results and how IBM is building skills for a smarter planet in partnership with IBM Global Training Providers. Top performing companies not only recognize the importance of their people but also the need to provide the […]

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28 April 2014

People and Skills: What Organizations Senior Management Think

Today, companies need to do everything possible to drive performance; people and skills are a strategic part of this performance. The IBM C-suite Study is a result of analyzing our conversations with 4,183 leaders in 70 countries. We spoke with a cross-section of C-suite executives in more than 20 industries: This study offers insight into […]

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24 February 2014

Why 8 out of 10 new hires will leave … and what you can do to stop them!

Have you heard the story? A CFO and CEO are talking about skill development. The CFO, wary about the cost of employee training, asks the CEO, “What happens if we invest in training our people and then they leave the company?” The CEO, a bright person, replies, “What happens if we don’t and they stay?” […]

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