David Leaser

22 August 2017

Skills Gateway embraces IBM New Collar Initiative

Training for the New Collar Worker IBM Training and Skills actively supports our New Collar initiatives with innovative offerings to develop a robust talent pool for our clients and Business Partners. We provide up-to-the-minute IT industry knowledge and digital credentials which complement the institutional knowledge developed in higher learning organizations. With technology evolving so rapidly, […]

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20 July 2017

The IBM Digital Badge Program is shaping opinions and influencing policy with the world’s leading thought leaders

IBM Open Badges featured in U.S. Department of Labor event IBM participated in a U.S. Department of Labor event on the future of digital credentials. Hosted and developed by Mathematica Policy Research, the forum “Tiny but Magnified? The Role of Microcredentials in Dynamic Labor Markets,” convened a panel of experts to discuss the rapid growth […]

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22 May 2017

IBM’s Open Badge Program was awarded the prestigious 2017 Platinum Learning Impact Award!

GREAT NEWS!  IBM’s Open Badge Program, in collaboration with Acclaim, was awarded the prestigious 2017 Platinum Learning Impact Award at the IMS Global Learning Impact Leadership Institute Conference, May 19 in Denver. The Learning Impact Awards recognize the most powerful and influential uses of technology in support of learning worldwide. The submission process was rigorous and included […]

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19 April 2017

IBM’s Open Badge Program a Finalist in the IMS Global Leadership Awards

Cast your vote for the IBM Open Badge Program to win at the 2017 Learning Impact Leadership Awards. Created in 2007, the IMS Global Learning Impact Awards (LIA) recognizes outstanding applications of educational technology to address the most significant challenges facing education. Nominations come from around the world from organizations and institutions that meet the […]

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15 March 2017

IBM wins top industry award for innovation in digital credentials

By David Leaser (@david_leaser) In just a few short years, Open Badges have barnstormed into the digital credentials space, providing a unique way to issue a digital credential which can be shared instantly on social sites – the perfect marriage between social media and credentials/recognition. Badges can be issued for a wide variety of activities, […]

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14 October 2016

Can Open Badges create a bridge from colleges to careers?

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 46% of resumes contain some type of false information. So it’s no wonder today’s hiring managers are looking for better ways to screen applicants. Competency-based pre-hire assessments, like WebAssess, are on the rise, as is the use of cognitive computing to gain deep insight into a […]

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26 August 2016

How to Increase MOOC Completions with Open Badges

Much has been made about the astounding dropout rates for massive open online courses (MOOCs): typically 85 percent or more. While it may be misleading to apply the traditional metrics of higher education to MOOCs, there are ways to dramatically improve the numbers. In this session, you will learn the challenges IBM faced with its […]

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2 August 2016

Can IBM help solve Africa’s skills problem with a novel approach?

By David Leaser (@david_leaser) According to a recent report from the World Economic Forum,  South Africa’s unemployment rate currently stands at 25%, with even higher rates for youth, at more than 50%. Throughout Africa, about 60% of the workforce is under 30 years old, at an age where Africa must turn its fast-growing young population into an […]

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1 June 2016

IBM Training wins awards for outsourcing and innovations in content development

By David Leaser With a massive arsenal of programs which includes a magazine, annual conference and awards programs, Training Industry, Inc. has become an essential go-to partner for training professionals to understand the latest news, articles, case studies and best practices within the training industry. At the recent Training Industry Conference and Expo (TICE) in […]

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6 May 2016

Open Badges vs. Certifications: Is there a battle brewing in the IT credential market?

By David Leaser The latest Certification Magazine Salary Survey has been published, and if you look at the list, you’ll see a dramatically different list than you would have seen even two years ago. What has changed? Look at the titles. A few years ago, the list was more focused on product certifications. Indeed, IBM […]

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15 April 2016

Banking on Badges: Easy ways for companies to monetize the benefits of NextGen credentials

By David Leaser “Certifications have real value, but how do you measure the value for Open Badges?” It’s a question I sometimes hear in my role with the IBM Open Badge program, and it does not surprise me. Certifications have been around since . . . longer than any of us can remember, and Open […]

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3 February 2016

How to triple engagement and motivate people without spending money

How to triple engagement and motivate people without spending money By David Leaser What’s better? Giving an employee a raise or a pat on the back? Turns out it’s the pat on the back. The IBM Smarter Workforce Institute recently published a terrific whitepaper using a sample of more than 19,000 workers in 26 countries […]

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2 November 2015

Open Badges: How IBM is leading innovation to transform the IT nanocredential field

By David Leaser Training Journalpublished an article about Open Badges as part of a report from DevLearn 2015 ‘Innovation in the making,’ where we introduced the IBM Open Badge Program. The article, “Open Badges – a new way to recognise expertise,” highlights what the author believed were the important sessions of the show: The keynote […]

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24 September 2015

Eight ways Open Badges can provide real value in business

By David Leaser By now, you may have learned about Open Badges, the emerging trend in the credential space. (If not, please click here). While the benefits to the badge earner are obvious (the ability to broadcast skills, build trust and a personal brand in social media), the benefits to your organization may not be […]

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20 May 2015

Open Badges: A better way to track skills and accomplishments

By David Leaser According to Harvard Business Review, the triumph of the online educational revolution will depend not on course content, quality or participation but on the ability to measure and assess real learning and skills acquisition in virtual environments. No easy task, considering a person may have developed knowledge and skills from a number […]

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23 April 2015

The Talent Gap: If it is real, what can you do?

By David Leaser Is the world really facing a talent shortage? Does the talent gap exist? Well, it depends on who you ask: Harvard Business Review and Manpower say it does exist, citing data which show 36% of employers worldwide are having difficulty filling jobs. Paul Krugman says the skills gap is a “zombie idea” […]

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1 April 2015

Ready for a career change? Jobs for cloud experts are exploding!

Ready for a career change? Jobs for cloud experts are exploding! By David Leaser and Sonia Malik Pick up any business magazine and you will find an article about the explosive growth of cloud computing, including this online article from Forbes Magazine. Here are a few things you should know: IDC forecasts that public cloud […]

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12 March 2015

Are You Becoming Irrelevant?

Are You Becoming Irrelevant? Three simple things you can do to improve your value and increase your knowledge By David Leaser A new infographic from Bersin displays several staggering – and frightening – statistics about how overwhelmed we’ve become. We are constantly being interrupted, distracted and bombarded by inputs from cell phones, emails and urgent […]

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