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17 November 2016

Successful Mainframe Skills – Global Training Providers expand training offerings and reach with new programs

Successful Skills Global Training Providers expand training offerings and reach with new programs IBM in July 2013 introducing five Global Training Providers to sell, deliver and customize the training developed by IBM. There were lots of motivations behind this decision, including extending the reach from a country view, educational options and adapting to the fast-changing […]

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28 October 2016

Where to find IBM Training & Skills: Twitter, LinkedIn and more

Reading this blog you’re using Social Media to access Training and Skills from IBM. Are you aware that there is much more than our Blog? Key updates can be found on various Social Media Sources. A good overview can be found on Social Media Presence IBM training

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25 October 2016

5 reasons to learn mainframe programming

I stumbled today across an article from Christopher O’Malley which is summarizing what I see since a while: People are looking again to Mainframe Skills as something valuable. There were times at the beginning of the century, where everybody wanted to only jump on new programming languages, but it seems there is some thoughts around […]

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21 October 2016

Mainframe Skills: “z Learning Journey” or “Mainframe Skills Overview in one page from Global Knowledge”

There are lots of offerings around IBM skills,  lets focus in this Blog Post around Mainframe. In this segment there are a lot of basic, advanced and specialized offerings, sometimes difficult to choose in the big amount of courses. I would like to highlight today two different approaches how to find what you need: On […]

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18 October 2016

Millenials + Gen X: Are Learning Differences between Generations A Myth?

Compared to differences between generations there are probably few questions in learning and development where people have expressed so many different opinions. Where does that leave learning and development professionals when it comes to figuring out what matters in designing workplace training? Linda Warren summarized in a good article the University Studies dealing with this […]

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14 October 2016

Skills are amongst 3 top priorities for CIO

Overall it seems we’re having a positive outlook for the overall IT Training Market: According to IBMs CIO Study CIOs “focusing on three goals, in particular: enhancing their organizations’ intelligence and insight, digitizing the front office and strengthening the IT department’s skills”. The study also reveals many more details around the areas to focus on: […]

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11 October 2016

Demand more from IT training.

Global Knowledge started rolling out new digital ways to create videos and digital training overall. Have a look to their preview video, which shows what they did around Microsoft, and currently working on their first videos also for IBM. It looks as if we really reached a time where digital learning is an attractive alternative […]

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6 October 2016

Convincing Your Manager You Need Training

In tough economic times, training is one of the first areas to experience budget cuts within organizations. It seems to make logical sense, after all, since training is an easily quantifiable expense while the return on investment (ROI) is more difficult to quantify. Think about it this way: would you want a doctor who graduated […]

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4 October 2016

DeveloperWorks Premium: 12 months Bluemix subscription + more

IBM developerWorks Premium is a developer membership program that provides an all-access pass to powerful tools, resources, and support to enable you to rapidly prototype, develop, and deploy successful cloud projects. DeveloperWorks Premium members enjoy: 12-month Bluemix subscription 240 USD credits on Bluemix to develop apps with services including Watson, IoT, mobile, and many others […]

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29 September 2016

Business Development needs time: Countries covered around Mainframe Skills by our GTPs

It is now three years that we moved to our new model around Training and Skills. There were lots of questions how fast we can achieve our target of increased coverage, high quality, and significant increase of skills. I was recently in a discussion with a Partner around the complexity of moving localized grey-market offerings […]

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26 September 2016

2017 IT Skills and Salary Survey

How much do your peers earn each year? What skills are in demand in today’s market? Which certifications matter most? I would like to invite you to be part of one of the industry’s most extensive studies of salary trends, in-demand skills and popular certifications for IT and business professionals. Last year, more than 14,000 […]

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22 September 2016

Millennials prefer face-to-face contact when it comes to acquiring new work-related knowledge and skills

I’m currently trying to collect facts around IBMs position in developing the IBM Training and Skills offerings, and stumbled across an interesting study from IBM around Millennials. There are lots of interesting facts in the study, but the most interesting one for me is around how Millennials want to learn:“No question about it, Millennials are […]

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20 September 2016

IBMs Global Training Partners and their focus on Mainframe: Lots of Offerings

During the last days I worked on some deep dives around Mainframe and found a statistic which is interesting: Did you know that the IBM training Partners are active in driving new Mainframe Offerings into the Market? Since we moved to the new Education Sales and Delivery Model three years ago our Partners were able […]

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12 August 2016

IBMs Global Training Partners shifting focus to Digital Learning: Global Knowledge

One of our Training Partners is currently pushing fast forward into the space of Digital Learning, continuing to lead in the market the trends in Learning. Global Knowledge states in their recent announcement  “While instructor-led experiences remain relevant to companies and employees alike, IDC’s market forecast for IT Education Services shows an increase in digital […]

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12 January 2016

Not got the time to train? You have with Live Class Link

Whether the objective is to reduce travel time and expense, spend more time with your family or support green working practices, remote learning has clear advantages. However, virtual delivery is sometimes limited by the quality of internet, sound and video. Additionally, domestic and work distractions can have an impact on the overall effectiveness of the […]

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10 December 2015

Arrow Electronics, Inc. has been named in the Top 20 IT Training Companies list

London, UK – 7th December – Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: ARW) has been named in the Top 20 IT Training Companies List for the second consecutive year by Arrow’s dedicated Education Services group develops and conducts professional training programmes aimed at cultivating skills in emerging technologies, such as cloud, security, data analytics and mobility. […]

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17 November 2015

Quality focus of our GTPs. Example: Arrow

It is interesting, that sometimes our GTPs and us are doing things in parallel without knowing from each other. When I approached Arrow with the news, that we’re having a dedicated project running to look into course material quality, they surprised me with all the details and processes they are having in place around Quality. […]

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8 September 2015

Arrow Education: Interesting Facts around Instructors

What do delegates think of the Arrow Education instructors? Find out here…

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