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2019 Certmag Salary Survey

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It’s that time of year again, the Certification Magazine annual salary survey is here! Every year Certification Magazine does surveys on all IT Certifications to provide great analytics to the community about Certification, including IBM Certifications. Certification Magazine uses the data to determine career value and workplace rewards based on your certification. The IBM Certification team uses this information to make the IBM Certification Program better each year!

If you have at least one current IBM Certification please take the survey today!

Once you have completed the survey CertMagazine offers:

  • A free one-year subscription to the digital edition of Certification Magazine (Normal cost: $10)
  • A one-year subscription to the print edition of Certification Magazine for just $12 (40 percent off the normal cost of $20!)
  • Or both! You can have both, if that’s what you want.

Help contribute to the IT Certification Community by taking the survey today!


Survey is open until Monday, Nov. 26, take it while you can!

Thanks from your IBM Certification Team

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