From Adoption to Adaptation, from Enablement into Engagement – The Upcoming Luis Suarez Masterclass

There are just 12 more days left for the IBM Connections User Group meeting in Prague! The 6th Social Connections event. There’s still time left to register and book your travel plans. With IBM Connections Next now just weeks away, this event couldn’t have been timed any better. As I mentioned a few weeks back, […]

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Get 5 minute tips on IBM Connections — every day!

If you got here, you are either a regular subscriber to this blog, a fan of IBM Connections, or you are looking for tips and tricks to get the most value out of the enterprise social collaboration platform. Maybe you have a question on how to drive adoption, how to tune your email notifications, how […]

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Take your IBM Connections Reports to the Next Level

Yesterday, we made a video tutorial available to walk admins through the process of customizing the out of the box IBM Connections Reports. Out of the box, IBM Connections provides over 100 reports for admins and community managers to monitor adoption and figure out the content that’s working so they can focus their energies in […]

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