A Little About IBM Connections 5.0 and File Sync

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Now that we have officially announced IBM Connections 5.0 I wanted to take some time and talk about one of the top new features in this release: enterprise file sync and share. Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out Suzanne Livingston’s blog from yesterday where she talks about the new external collaboration features of IBM Connections 5.0. This is a capability that we’ve had available in our cloud for a while and now we are making it available to our on-prem customers.

IBM Connections has already been cited by Forrester as a Leader in their Enterprise File Sync and Share Wave and IDC has stated that when it comes to marketshare, IBM Connections leads the way.

So back to File Sync. As you can see from the screenshot in the right, when you install the latest IBM Connections Desktop Plug-Ins (which will be available for download in a couple of days) a new Sync folder will be created under Favorites.

There you can save files directly to IBM Connections and use Connections as your personal backup drive where everything is sync’ed automatically (including of course edits that you make offline).

Another added benefit and differentiator is that right from within your desktop you can right click on a file and act upon it. In other words, you can comment on it, tag it, like it, lock it (to prevent others from editing while you are offline) and even share it with other colleagues without ever having to open a browser. By default, all files are marked as private and only you have access to them. From there you can choose to share with individuals, groups, or communities.

On the mobile side, you can use our native apps for Android and iOS and sync files to your favorite mobile device/tablet. On each device you can manually specify which files you want to have available there. For example, you may want some key presentations on your iPhone, while you have documents, spreadsheets and other assets available in your iPad.

Here’s a quick 5 minute demo that show the enterprise file sharing and sync capabilities of IBM Connections 5.0.

If you are an on-prem customer, get ready to download the code next week! Stay tuned for other new features in the coming days.

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