Social HR Powered by KangoGift and IBM Connections

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By now, you hopefully know our landing page for everything Social Business: We have recently updated this page to feature various partner solutions such as Dynamic Signal, KangoGift, among others.

You may remember that I first blogged about KangoGift 2 months ago.

In a recent presentation shared by KangoGift, they explain the challenges faced by many HR departments, for example, high turnover rates and misalignment to company values. If you are reading this post, you are most likely undergoing a social business transformation and, hopeful, HR is part of it.

With KangoGift’s integration into Connections, you can quickly bring six HR processes and bring it into the social business platform. I believe this is important as it promotes usage and realizes the social business vision

Check out their presentation below:

To learn more about KangoGift, go here.

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