Social E-mail: E-mail plugins for IBM Connections

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E-mail Plugins for IBM Connections

The IBM Connections team is dedicated to making our social platform work with whatever E-mail service you may be using. This post will focus on our integration with IBM Notes and Microsoft Outlook.

IBM Notes

The IBM Connections Plug-ins for IBM Notes are provided in a single install package.The Plug-ins are meant to surface many of the strong features we have in IBM Connections that our users live by.

  • Status Updates
    • Activity stream within Notes
    • Post a status with attachments
    • View, comment, delete, Like, or forward updates
  • Files
    • Lock and unlock files
    • Drag and drop, copy, or paste a file from Files to your desktop or vice versa
    • Send an HTML link to a file
  • Activities
    • Collaborate on a project using the Activities sidebar
    • Display Activities to-do items in the Notes calendar
    • Bookmark a Notes document and add it to your bookmark collection in IBM Connections
    • Search across the IBM Connections applications
    • Save chat transcripts to an activity
  • Business Card
    • Show contact and status information federated from various available collaboration sources such as the IBM Sametime buddy list, IBM Connections Profiles, and the IBM Notes Directory.
    • Find out more about the people you work. Read a person’s blog, download files authored by the person, browse the person’s bookmark collection, or find content contributed by the person to the wikis and communities that they participate in right from the Business Card.

​Download the Plug-in Here
Supports IBM Connections 4.5 CR1

Microsoft Outlook

IBM Connections is dedicated to empowering your workforce through social, so we have a Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook to allow IBM Connections users across the board to access their social information and interactions. Watch this video to hear what we offer today:

Download the Plug-in Here

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