About IBM Global Financing

Some institutions finance purchases. We finance possibilities.

You want to optimize growth by balancing your business priorities in order to drive innovation and outpace competitors. But you are challenged with variable expenses, which are a part of every business. IT doesn’t have to be one of them.

We have a better way to help you manage your cash flow. IBM Global Financing provides financial service excellence, to accelerate value from technology and help you achieve the next best thing. The benefits of IBM Global Financing can contribute 2-3 times higher Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and shorten the payback period by 5-20 percent when compared to making upfront payments, according to analysis by Cabot Partners.

We have financed more than a half million transactions over the past decade and 8 out of the top 10 US banks utilize IBM Global Financing. The cost of waiting is high. We can help you finance your possibilities today!

Fund your future with a full suite of customizable financial solutions

IBM Global Financing can integrate your business strategies and IT solutions into one seamless financing plan. Our complete spectrum of payment solutions and services is designed to help make your goals possible and provide support throughout your investment lifecycle.

We can help you navigate past budget obstacles that stand between your current environment and your business goals. You know where you want to go; we know how to help you get there.

Learn more about IBM Global Financing at http://www.ibm.com/financing/