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A powerful way to acquire IoT solutions with attractive financing

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a disruptive force that will change business models, technology investments, consumer experiences and everyday life.  IoT is already transforming the way corporations and consumers interact with each other and their environment.  The types of applications for IoT are vast and include such areas as urban planning, environmental sensing, continuous care, emergency response, social interaction, intelligent shopping, event management, and predictive maintenance.  Given the scope of IoT and the associated complexity that can accompany deployment of a comprehensive solution, companies may need help to manage their budgets and to get the most out of their spending.

Flexible financing can be a powerful way to acquire, build, and scale advanced IoT solutions — while lowering up-front payments, improving cash flow, and boosting return on investment. IBM offers financing options such as low interest rate loans for services and software, including SaaS, payment deferrals for up to 90 days, customized payment plans and comprehensive project financing.

One such client is a multi-national building management firm that needed to increase profitability and boost annual growth without making large capital outlays. They deployed Watson IoT, TRIRIGA facilities management and consulting using a customized cost-saving payment plan that improved their cash flow and balanced the cost and benefits of the solution over time. Another client, a public utility company, was able to deploy Watson IoT solutions despite lacking budget capacity until later in the year by taking advantage of a deferred payment option. The utility decided on Watson IoT Asset Management, a cognitive solution for managing customer assets to reduce costs and minimize fraud and claims, and IBM structured a multi-month payment plan including a 4-month deferral of the first payment that delivered expected return on investment.

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Herb Shultz

Herbert Schultz
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