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Pizza for breakfast, pancakes for dinner

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It’s 6 a.m. You reach into the fridge to grab eggs so you can prepare your kids’ breakfast and…you realize you used the last one yesterday. There’s no time to run to the store and back before the school bus arrives. Guess what, kids: how would you like leftover pizza for breakfast?

Sometimes the unexpected happens. You’re suddenly faced with a situation that needs a quick remedy. Exploring new, novel solutions would take too long. You need to find a way to make something work now.

An IT executive’s day wouldn’t be complete without an unexpected event. You’ve been there. A critical server fails and a tidal wave of support tickets starts to flow in. Or your company’s new app goes viral and you need to scale your resources immediately to capitalize on a new opportunity.

When these types of events happen, you don’t have time to work through the capital expenditure budget process or even launch that new cloud initiative you’ve been considering. You need a solution in place yesterday. And like the pizza you’re now serving your kids for breakfast, the solution has to deliver the desired result.

Surprisingly, a significant number of IT purchases are made reactively—not planned as part of an ongoing budgeting process. And in many cases, organizations find that choosing used IT equipment for those reactive purchases is the ideal solution to put them back on track.

Why buy used IT?
Deciding to acquire pre-owned IT makes sense for several reasons. For example, you have a better chance simplifying integration with the equipment you already own. Maybe it’s been a few years since you purchased your existing servers, or maybe you’re running an older operating system to support a legacy application. Buying new systems would require you to integrate next-generation hardware and newer operating systems—and that takes time you might not have. With used equipment, you can expand your existing environment (or replace failed equipment) without a major overhaul.

Moreover, you can avoid having to acquire new skills required for managing that new equipment. When you need the problem at hand solved now, you can’t take the time to hire a new administrator or train your current staff. You need equipment that works the same way your existing equipment works.

Not all pre-owned equipment is the same

Why certified? Just as we buy certified pre-owned cars, farm equipment and houses, certified pre-owned IT can provide important reassurances about quality and authenticity. For example, IBM Certified Pre-owned servers and storage are remanufactured according to IBM engineering specifications with only genuine IBM parts. IBM performs rigorous testing and quality inspection to ensure that IBM Certified Pre-owned systems meet current IBM manufacturing standards.

IBM Certified Pre-owned equipment is also readily available. With a global presence, IBM can deliver solutions in over 175 countries worldwide—close to where you’re located—and then offer responsive service over the course of the product lifecycle.

Furthermore, selecting IBM Certified Pre-owned equipment simplifies acquisition. Why waste time or resources juggling multiple vendors? With IBM Certified Pre-owned equipment, you can acquire a complete solution with any new and pre-owned equipment you might need, all in one process, from one source.

Want something special? IBM can customize your pre-owned equipment to meet your precise requirements so you can streamline incorporation into your current environment.

IBM can even help you dispose of the equipment you’re replacing or retiring. IBM Global Asset Recovery Services can help you recover the maximum value of assets and responsibly dispose of equipment that has come to the end of its lifecycle. IBM also offers financing on IBM Certified Pre-owned solutions so you can quickly find a way to acquire what you need without busting your budget.

Pancakes for dinner

Even the best-prepared IT executives should expect the unexpected. If you need to make a reactive purchase to replace a failing system or quickly expand your existing environment, consider buying certified pre-owned equipment from IBM. You can simplify acquisition and integration of a complete, customized solution while maintaining the confidence that you’ve come to trust in IBM quality systems.

With IBM Certified Pre-owned solutions, you can turn an unexpected challenge into something positive. Like pizza for breakfast—or even better, pancakes for dinner.

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Linda Demmler 
Vice President, IBM Global Financing, GARS
IBM Global Financing
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