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Something Old, something New, something Borrowed, something Blue…

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The familiar rhyme suggesting what a bride should wear for good fortune and prosperity is equally relevant in the ever-changing world of technology in which we operate. Technology architects and decision makers may benefit from incorporating “old” pre-owned IT into their data center and distributed technology environments. Especially when this pre-owned IT is from tried and true IBM.

As the speed of technological change is growing faster than capital expenditure budgets there are choices – not trade-offs – that you can pursue to make your company’s desired speed of transformation possible. Many organizations are discovering that creating bundled solutions that facilitate cognitive, cloud, mobility, or other IT technology investments with a mix of new and pre-owned servers and storage systems, will accelerate implementation by staying within budgets and technical skill sets.

As your organization seeks to increase performance in an existing environment, opening the doors to evaluating a blended family of IBM new and pre-owned systems can liberate IT decision makers. Therefore it’s easier to find the ideal solution across a complement of technology to strengthen the value of software and services investments.

It is a smart choice to select pre-owned systems, but not all pre-owned systems are equal. Therefore, you want a remanufacturer or partner that can deliver the right combination of high quality, custom configurability, immediate availability, and simplicity.

Certified pre-owned storage and servers uniquely available from IBM

You can realize the benefits of pre-owned equipment by confidently choosing IBM Certified Pre-owned systems:

  1. Quality: You will receive the high performance, high quality and high reliability you’ve come to expect from IBM. IBM Certified Pre-owned systems and storage are remanufactured according to authentic IBM specifications, using only genuine IBM parts. Rigorous testing and meticulous quality inspection certify that systems meet current IBM manufacturing standards. And that the delivered solution is immediately eligible for IBM Maintenance without additional inspection. With access to serial number and product family history IBM will easily recognize any defects to deliver only those solutions that meet our highest quality standards.
  2. Customization: With unmatched technical skills and experience building IBM solutions, when you say “yes” to certified, pre-owned IT from IBM, we configure it to your precise requirements. In addition, we have the skill and knowledge to furnish what your business needs to help you achieve desired performance.
  3. Availability: Finding the right pre-owned system and getting it serviced promptly can be challenging, especially if your business is not located in a major technology center. IBM has a global presence that reaches into communities in countries across the globe to be by your side every step of the way from acquisition through final disposition of your IT equipment. Depend on IBM to supply the machine and feature configurations needed to help accelerate your business transformations, delivered rapidly, with local ease of access to software, service and support.
  4. Simplicity: Acquiring and integrating systems from multiple vendors can be time-consuming and costly. Acquire your new and pre-owned systems in one process, from one source, collaborating with IBM and IBM Business Partners for support and services.

To explore our IBM Certified Pre-owned IT availability, visit our pages on the IBM Marketplace:

IBM Certified Pre-owned Power Systems on IBM Marketplace

IBM Certified Pre-owned Storage on IBM Marketplace

Linda Demmler, 

Vice President, IBM Global Financing, Global Asset Recovery Services
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