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PLM works with Watson to deliver instant medical information, financed by IBM

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IBM Global Financing and PLM bring together data analytics, science, and cognitive computing to improve healthcare access and treatment quality in Mexico and Latin America.

PLM, a healthcare publishing company headquartered in Mexico City and serving Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Panama, has worked to provide the most updated and comprehensive health information for doctors and healthcare providers.

Since PLM was founded in 1942, the pharmaceutical world, scientific capabilities, and medical practices have evolved dramatically. Simultaneously the digital landscape drastically grew, changing the breadth and depth of data collection and offering a way to put the information into action. PLM grasped the opportunities offered by advanced technologies to expand its mission and positive outcomes. What if PLM did more than analyze data for longer term studies and surveillance? What if this wealth of data could be used to inform doctor’s decisions at the point of care, improve patient-healthcare relationships, and prevent prescription errors?

IBM and PLM partnered to collect data on over 350,000 pharmaceuticals to go beyond just publication and informative marketing. Using a combination of PLM data and algorithms and Watson’s natural Spanish translation, this project provides doctors and healthcare providers in Latin America with instant information on dosing, interactions, and other vital information. The technology anticipates healthcare workers’ questions saving time and room for error.

PLM-blog-card-image-.jpgIBM Global Financing helped turn PLM’s vision into a reality because of its expertise and ease of doing business. PLM saw that IGF had experience in cognitive technology, and that it understood every part of PLM’s plan, including its length as well as its risks and returns.

The value of partnering with IGF was evident to PLM CEO Antonio Carrasco: it was easy. “It’s very easy to play with them, very easy to do business…Go show the project, have the money, start investing, and get into our goals in our business,” Carrasco said.

Health science research and pharmaceutical development continues to grow at an increasingly fast pace with new technologies. An impressive set of data is nothing until it is in the hands of medical providers and shaping the decisions of medical care with the most up to date information. Now new findings do not need to be left on bookshelves or sorted through to search for specific yet critical answers to questions. This model has been in place for just four years and PLM claims it helped save the company. This revolutionary approach to prescribing medication and informing providers is also helping to save lives.

For more information on PLM and IBM Global Financing, watch the video:

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