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Not too long ago, cloud was touted primarily as a cost-cutting tool and means of improving agility through easy access to low cost infrastructure. It’s now gaining visibility in the minds of leaders for its potential to change the dynamics of digital globalization and competition.

One way to drive the new experiences clients are after is to bring together the value of existing investments in data and applications with new methods of engagement—in the form of modern, hybrid mobile apps that can extend the reach of businesses into the hand of the consumer and augment the data you have today with social, weather, Internet of Things, and other data that enrich the clients experience and interactions.

As we move to cloud for more strategic applications, we uncover opportunities to re-imagine business
processes and entire industry models. Cognitive capabilities can learn from individual client interactions over time, and adapt automatically to accommodate changing preferences, buying patterns, and even understand tone of voice to tailor the interactions to the person’s state. But that is only the beginning: the ability to interconnect the latest capabilities on cloud, no matter the vendor or source with speed, and without lock-in, can make the difference between lagging and leading.shutterstock_272881814

The extent to which leaders will look into the horizon—and consider the strategic implications of the cloud — will have a significant impact on their long term growth. Is your strategy centered solely on scalable infrastructure? Is it adaptable to your business model and investments? Does it deliver the higher value business applications and industry functions that you need to enable game-changing business models, processes and customer experiences?

Current budgets may restrict acting now or even this year, but the cost of waiting is high, given the urgency to digitally transform your business ahead of the competition.  We can help affordably finance the complete IT lifecycle for your cloud infrastructure solution – including services, software, and hardware products.

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